The term ‘mobile device’ encompasses any equipment with access to your network that can be taken away from the premises, and therefore could prove a risk.  With more of us accessing data over mobile devices than ever before, we need to ensure that company data is always protected.


Mobile Device Management (MDM) products are available that have the option to wipe devices remotely should they be lost or stolen; they can restrict access to internal systems and prohibit employees from sharing documents with third parties. 


If your company has a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) policy, advanced tools allow you to ‘ring fence’ your network on a personal phone so you can easily turn off access should you part ways.


Why? Mobile devices are much more likely to be lost or stolen so MDM tools are essential to any business.  If you have mobile devices accessing your network then you should have MDM in place. Contact us to discuss further.

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